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МОН: Јавен повик за експерт – Eлектро инжeнер за „Обнова на енергетската ефикасност во студентските домови во Северна Македонија“

Employment call for an expert – Electrical Engineer

for the needs of the project/programme “Energy efficient rehabilitation of student dormitories in North Macedonia“


  1. Background of the Project/ programme

The “Energy efficient rehabilitation of student dormitories in North Macedonia“ (“Programme”) concerns the promotion of energy efficient reconstruction and modernization of selected public buildings in the education sector (state owned Student dormitories) in North Macedonia; specifically the increase of energy efficiency, structural integrity and basic comfort. The Programme will have a focus of state owned dormitories in the following cities: Skopje, Prilep, Bitola, Ohrid and Shtip. Together with the energy efficient rehabilitation of the buildings and structural strengthening, basic comfort measures will be a substantial part of the Programme, such as renovation of sanitary installations, renewal of electrical equipment, safety measures, common study rooms, etc. in order to improve the living and learning environment for the students. In addition renewable energy (PV or solar thermal energy) should be used where possible. The overall goal of the Programme is to contribute to Climate Protection activities through CO2-savings and to contribute to better living and learning conditions for the students.


  1. Specific information/background regarding the assignment

The MoES shall be responsible for the implementation of the Programme and shall establish a Programme Implementation Unit (PIU).

The PIU will be responsible for

–            the overall management of the project;

–            preparing tenders and selecting contractors for the implementation of project measures in selected buildings with support of the Implementation Consultant (the tenders for goods, works and services are cluster-based and are awarded through international competitive bidding);

–            organizing supervision and approval of construction activities with support of the Implementation Consultant;

–            reporting and monitoring impacts of the project;

The PIU will be supported by the Implementation Consultant.


  1. Objective of the assignment

The objective of this assignment is to hire  PIU expert Electrical Engineer.


  1. Scope of work


The selected expert -Electrical Engineer will perform the following activities:

–          Participation in preparing detailed time, cost, and financing schedule for the proper technical and financial implementation of the Programme in cooperation with the Implementation Consultant

–          Monitoring the timely implementation of the works programme and quality of the works;

–          Participation in monthly progress and other meetings, including site visits;

–          Participation in equipment delivery inspections;

–          Checking of technical design documents;

–          Review/checking of progress reports, and other deliverables according to own area of expertise

–          Review of as-built documents according to own area of expertise;

–          Provision of technical input in the preparation of project deliverables according to own area of expertise;

–          Inspection of on-site activities;

–          Producing and submitting relevant reports upon request of project manager

–          Performing any other activities related to the successful implementation of the project


  1. Reporting obligations

The Electrical Engineer shall report to the Project Manager. All PIU experts shall report to the Minister of Education and Science and shall produce and submit relevant reports at the Minister`s request..

  1. PIU expert – Electrical Engineer qualifications

–          University degree (min 240 ECTS or equivalent) in engineering  – Electrical Engineer 

–          Minimum 8 (eight) years of professional experience

–          Experience in implementation on similar projects in the same role will be consider as advantage

−        Experience in working on international projectswill be considered as advantage

−        Other additional trainings (with provided certificates) in energy efficiency will be considered as advantage

−        Full computer literacy especially with MS Office

−        Ability to work as part of a team

−        Excellent interpersonal communication and time management skills

−        Demonstrated ability to work effectively under pressure of multiple tasks and deadlines

−        Strong analytical and problem solving skills

−        Excellent language skills (writing and speaking) in Macedonian and English

−        Driving license


  1. Facilities to be provided by the client – Ministry of Education and Science.

The PIU experts will be provided with suitable office space, local phone service, appropriate equipment such as PC, printer as well as business mobile number.   

  1. Contract arrangements:

−        The PIU staff shall be engaged by the Ministry of Education and Science on a full time basis. The contracts for the PIU staff shall initially cover a period of 27 months and be concluded with an option for prolongation for another 27 months or a maximum period which lasts until three months after the elapse of the contract for the Implementation Consultant prior No-Objection by Ministry of Education and Science and KfW. The contract may be extended subject to satisfactory performance of the each individual PIU staff member and business needs of the Ministry.

−        This is a full-time appointment, for which the PIU Staff members are required to work the usual business week (forty hours)  under a work schedule coordinated with the Implementation Consultant and ultimately coordinated and determined by the Minister of Education and Science or people designated by him and in consultation with KfW. National holidays are non-working days. Reimbursement for overtime work, as may be requested from time to time by the Project Manager and Minister of Education and Science, is included in the monthly remuneration fee.

−        For each full month of work the Consultant will accumulate 2 (two) days of annual leave. Annual leave should be used within the duration of this Contract.

−        The monthly remuneration is a gross value and shall cover all taxes, according to the national laws.


The selection method will be as follows:

The Commission for evaluation of the PIU expert, formed by the Minister of Education and science, will prepare the list of shortlisted candidates. The list of shortlisted candidates with their CV’s attached will be submitted to KfW for no objection.

The Commission for evaluation of the PIU expert will organize the interviews with the shortlisted candidates. The KfW representative will monitor the interviews.

The Commission for evaluation of the PIU expert will prepare the list of selected candidates and submit it to KfW for NO.

After receiving the KfW NO, Ministry of Education and Science will sign a contract with the selected candidate following the approval of the final draft contract by KfW.


The deadline for the submission of CV shall be July 29,  2021.

The CV’s shall be submitted at the following address:

Biljana Trajkovska

State Advisor on Strategic Planning

Извор: Министерство за образование и наука 


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